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Salem Community Schools

Updated Quarantine

Guidance & Procedures

The goal of Salem Community Schools and the SCS Board is to provide a safe, in-person learning environment for all students. In order to minimize the number of students being quarantined from school due to “close contact” with someone identified as a positive COVID-19, SCS will utilize the following guidelines--all individuals in the school are required to wear a mask. In addition to those guidelines, SCS will also implement the mitigation strategies listed below.

Identification of close contacts and quarantining. A close contact is designated as anyone who has been within three feet of a COVID-19 person for at least 15 minutes during a 24-hour period. Any individual who is a close contact will be notified by the school. Executive Order 21-24 signed by Governor Holcomb states schools that have mask requirements will not have to quarantine students if the students are wearing a mask properly and consistently throughout the day--this does not pertain to extra curricular activities.  An individual who does have to quarantine could return in 7 days with a negative test by a provider (doctor or clinic) between days 5-7. 

Fully vaccinated. An individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the required dosage of the vaccine. The J&J vaccine is one dose and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are two doses. If an individual is in close contact with a positive case and the individual has been fully vaccinated, the individual will need to show his/her vaccination card in order to not have to quarantine. 


Mitigation Measure #1

Mitigation Measure #2

Mitigation Measure #3

School Transportation

Masks Required

Seating Chart Required

Households sit together when possible


Seating Charts

Social Distance (As much as possible)

Masks required when not eating


Seating Charts

Social Distance (As much as possible)

Masks required


Must be approved by Building Administrator

Visitors and their location will be recorded for contact tracing

Masks required