Written by: Monika Spaulding

Salem Community Schools has been working toward a STEM Certification through the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). The corporation was recently notified that  Salem Middle School has been designated as Developing in STEM Certification.

The state said, “It was apparent from your application that your team has put forth great effort to provide a comprehensive STEM-based educational program for your students.”

According to STEAM Director Jessica Morgan, who has been leading the efforts to get the school STEM certified, the term Developing STEM Certification is the entry level for the process. 

“We have to add a few more things to our application over the summer and in the 2024-2025 school year, but we will still be allowed to use the 2023-2024 certification guidelines,” she said. “This will include finding a way to provide evidence of students collaboration and group work happening at least two times per week in at least 50% of classes, 75% of our teachers are receiving STEM support based on feedback and list, with evidence, that 75% of our teachers are implementing problem-based learning/inquiry based learning/STEM integration and include the frequency of which it is happening.”

Morgan said to be certified you have to show evidence of STEM in classes over the course of several years.  

“We have evidence of two solid years so next year will provide the third year,” she said. “We have things to add to the application but we are in and it is our hope that we will have it accomplished next year.”