Mrs. Mires

By: Harper Timberlake 

On March 11, the school board agreed unanimously to make Jill Mires the new superintendent of Salem Community Schools. Mires has served as the assistant superintendent since last July. 

She has spent 33 years in education as a first grade teacher, elementary and middle school principal and a curriculum director.  Her experience as a curriculum director is what led her to the idea of becoming a superintendent. Although her new role has been stressful at times, Mires has pushed through with the help of those around her. Her new position involves making big decisions and plans for the school, as well as working to support parents, students and staff. 

During her transition to her new role, Mires said interim superintendent Dr. Kim Thurston has been a big help. Thurston has been working with the school for years, and “knows the ins and outs of it.” Mires has worked with Thurston to step into the leadership position and put her best foot forward in her new role.

“We have been a great team complimenting each other,” said Mires. “And I am really excited that he will be working with us as an Education Consultant.”

They have been working together with some new projects and plans for the school including improving the facilities, such as the football field and Bradie Shrum Elementary School projects. BSE will get new equipment for both of the existing playgrounds.

There are also future plans for the tennis courts, which will come with a later set of facility improvements. 

“It is always a goal to be proactive rather than reactive so we can stay on top of the projects and needs,” said Mires, about the improvements being made. 

Although these new and upcoming projects can become overwhelming and stressful, Mires can’t wait to help the schools move forward with new plans and ideas. There are so many opportunities that the school has to offer through academics, athletics, extra curricular activities, the arts and clubs. She would like to add even more positive and fun ideas, including after-school program opportunities for all three schools. It is very important for Mires to improve things for the students to help make sure they are able to reach their full potential. 

“I have a lot to do, and lots of plans… for both this year and next year,” she said.

“We are excited to be a part of the Literacy Cadre at BSE and look forward to learning more  and implementing the foundations of the science of reading,” said Mires.She also wants to advance learning opportunities at the middle school with the STEAM lab. There are so many possibilities for middle schoolers to learn more about science and technology.  “At the high school, we are continually looking for ways to make more connections with our community and beyond to support our students in their choices for post secondary opportunities.”

One of Mire’s goals is to be able to promote SCS for all of the good things that it has to offer. Making a mark that isn’t all about the data, but about how the students feel and what they are learning everyday. 

“I would like to finish up this year on a really high note,” said Mires. “Iwant to celebrate all of our achievements this year and look forward to a great graduation ceremony with the Class of 2024!”