Bohemian Supper Club

By: Mackenzie Gill 

Do you like music and supporting fundraisers to help kids? If so this event is right up your alley. The annual Bohemian Supper Club will be held Saturday, April 13, at the Trueblood Performing Arts Center at Salem Middle School.

The show helps provide scholarship money to seniors through the Salem Education Foundation. Attending the event supports a  great cause by scholarships being awarded to SHS graduates. 

The sMr. McCurdycholarship has raised $8,000 dollars for this year already.

The music will be played by SHS alumni, as well some current seniors from the choir and the SHS guitar club. Retired teachers Greg Mccurdy, Dan Mullins and Bill Spencer-Pierce will also be performing. Some of the alumni have even played professionally in some way. 

A few of the local singers that are coming back are  Bri (Little) Adams, Abby (Corbin) Harrett and Zec Morris. 

SHS English teacher and guitar club sponsor Matt Adkins said guitar club alumni have performed at the Bohemian Supper Club for many years and are looking forward to doing it again.

¨Guitar Club has been a huge part of BSC for over 15 years now,” said Adkins. “Back in the day, before Bill Spencer-Pierce retired as choir director, here at the high school, we used to have it in the presentation room and it was billed as a choir performance, which it was. Greg McCurdy, who was the previous sponsor of Guitar Club, helped out with the performance by doing the guitar parts in the songs so they sounded as close to the original recording as possible.”

Tickets will go on sale March 1 at the following locations: Mid-Southern Savings Bank, Loy & Fordyce Insurance, Salem Apothecary and Salem High School. Tickets can also be purchased online at - search for the event “Bohemian.”