New counselor at BSE

The return from fall break brought with it not only a refreshed attitude to finish out the semester, but also a new face at Bradie Shrum Elementary School. Counselor Savannah Goss jumped into her new position with both feet Monday morning. 

“Starting after a break definitely has its advantages!” she said. “We are all coming back ready to go!”

Goss, who is from the Floyds Knobs area, graduated from Indiana University Southeast and taught four years, two at the elementary level, before becoming a school counselor.

“As a teacher, I found myself teaching a lot of SEL lessons (Social Emotional Learning) and I felt that if I was a counselor, that would allow me to teach more about friendships and emotions,” she said.

When discussing different techniques, Goss said she is a firm believer of conscious discipline. She is hoping to introduce it to students and teachers so they can see how impactful it can be.

She explained that conscious discipline focuses more on mindfulness and is more intrinsic. “It’s about our wording and our actions with students,” she said, adding that the idea is that school is a safe space. The adult is the safe keeper and the child’s job is to help keep it safe. The concept also helps students focus on breathing strategies to regulate emotions.

She said she went to training on conscious discipline and is excited to introduce others to the concept. 

Goss said she is looking forward to working with students at Salem and moving to the area so she can plant her roots and start her counseling career. When looking for a school counseling position, Goss said she loved the hometown feel of Salem.

“Everyone was so welcoming!” she said.

Goss is ready to meet more people in the community and utilize outside resources to benefit students. She said she knows that with a small school resources can be limited, so she is looking forward to building partnerships with others who can fill that gap.