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Returning to her roots, Leslie Singleton has been teaching biology for two years at Salem High School. Admittedly, teaching was not her first career choice. Before going into the classroom, she worked in an emergency room in New Albany. She said her first year at SHS was difficult because it was the first year back from COVID and she had no idea what to do, which made it a rocky start. However, she is feeling more comfortable leading the classroom and settling into her new role.

Singleton with students

Singleton said it wasn’t in the plans to go into teaching because she had other things she wanted to do. She originally wanted to be a physician. When asked if she enjoys being around all the students, Singleton said it varies day-to-day, because some days the students are great and other days, they are not so great. She does enjoy teaching, however she said there are days that are very exhausting. The reason she wanted to teach was to get the experience of what it was like to teach high schoolers.

She went to college at IUPUI and IUS. She also attended Salem Community Schools. When asked what is her favorite part about teaching at SHS, Singleton said, “it's a small school, everyone supports one another.” 

Freshman Aiden Taylor said, “(Ms. Singleton) is an honest person, she explains things very fluently.” His favorite thing to do in Singleton's class are the labs. Another freshman, Joseph Worrall, said, “She’s outgoing and nice and she explains the work we have to do well.” 

Adam Froman, also a freshman, said, “she’s not super strict and she explains the instructions well even when they are on the paper. She explains the work in a way you understand.” 

Freshman Madi Stewart said her favorite thing about Singleton's class is that they can talk about the lesson in ways that make it fun.

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