Parents, Students and Staff:

The COVID19 impact on our schools and communities is rapidly changing by the minute,
therefore our action plans and response must evolve accordingly. With our students and staff in
mind, we are monitoring the situation in our schools.

We want to once again encourage everyone to wear a mask in the school buildings. We
continue to have high numbers of students quarantining due to COVID contact tracing. Contact
tracing only puts someone out of school if the individual is not wearing a mask and has not been
vaccinated. Individuals who are wearing a mask (correctly) and are at least 3 feet apart will not
have to quarantine. This will keep students and staff in school.

We feel students get the best education when the student is in person. With several schools
around the area going virtual because of their numbers being high, we want to prevent SCS
from having to go virtual. This can only happen if we each do our part in preventing the spread
of COVID 19. We encourage everyone to wash their hands and we ask that you encourage your
student to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer and masks are available in each building.

If your child is not feeling well and is exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19, please do not send your
student to school and then notify the school of this situation. If your child needs to see a
healthcare provider, we want to remind you the SCS/LifeSpring Clinic is open and ready to see
patients. You may call the elementary school (812-883-3700 extension 4021) to set up an

We appreciate your help and support during these difficult times.

Thank you,
Brent Minton