There are great things happening every day in classrooms all across Salem Community Schools. Below are a few examples of the great things our teachers and students are doing to pursue and expect excellence. 

At Bradie Shrum students in Ms. Jerrell's room are learning about the constitution. They learned what its purpose is and that it is a living document. Students in Ms. Ingram's room learned about sharks. They learned the vocabulary word prey. In Mrs. Reed's class, students learned about one-point perspective and made great works of art.

At Salem Middle School students in Mrs. Wrye's class used "Breakout" Clues to travel the Oregon Trail. Students were able to use their problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and learn about the hardships of the trail.

At Salem High School Mrs. Morgan's Biology class worked on presentations of cells. Students had the option of making a 3D model, a poster, a song, or a video.

Thank you to all of our teachers for the amazing work they do every day. If you see one of our teachers take the time to thank them for what they are doing for our kids.

Pursuit of ... Expectation of ... Excellence!