IDOE certificate

Written by: Monika Spaulding

Superintendent Jill Mires is proud to announce that all three school buildings at Salem Community Schools have been designated as Family Friendly Schools by the Indiana Department of Education.

According to letters sent to the school principals, this acknowledgement means that the “school has demonstrated that there are various programs and processes in place during the current school year that engage families, students, staff and leadership” within the buildings. 

The state recognizes the schools’ commitment to fostering strong family-school partnerships. “By prioritizing family engagement, you are not only enriching the educational experience, but also strengthening the community as a whole.”

Bradie Shrum Principal Clinton Blankenbaker is in his first year as the school’s leader. He said, “Relationships built between our families and Bradie Shrum Elementary establish a support system necessary for student growth and development.”

Mires expressed her pride in the dedication of the staff and leadership at all three buildings achieving this recognition.  

“From the time I began collaborating with each of the buildings, it was clear they were exceptional environments focused on students and families,” she said. “As the year progressed, it became evident that we needed to begin the Family Friendly School process. All three buildings committed to surveying their staff, students and families. The results are driving our goals and decision making. Our schools are truly striving to meet all student and family needs.  It’s where learning begins, and family never ends.”

Salem Middle School Principal Kevin Albertson said this award shows the devotion of his staff to its students. 

“Our school cares about our families and we do our best to serve them,” he said.

Salem High School Principal Tory Albert said SHS is continuing to strive to serve the community through the things they do at school.  

“Our school initiatives need to have parents, students and teachers to continue to communicate to help all students to be successful,” he said. “Please become a part of the Success Formula.”

All three buildings received certificates to display signed by Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana’s Secretary of Education.