SHS Cheerleaders

The basketball season may be over at Salem High School, but this Saturday the gym will be alive with players, coaches, cheerleaders, dance team, band members and hopefully a big crowd for the annual Lions Unified basketball game.

On Saturday, March 11, at 6 p.m., Lions Unified members and invited Special Olympics members will compete in the game. Angela Phipps, the Lions Unified sponsor, said, “This is a unified game that Lions Unified does each year. It helps share the spirit of our club: inclusion, respect, and people coming together.” 

The game is a student organized project. Phipps said athletes look forward to it all year. “It is an annual event that high school students and the community enjoy as well,” she added.  

There is no admission charge, but donations will be accepted. Phipps said that the donations collected at the door will be split between Lions Unified and Special Olympics. Both of which depend entirely on donations. 

Phipps added, “Halftime usually turns into a dance party with the players and fans coming onto the floor. We have cheerleaders, pep band, and the dance team all participating this year.” 

Phipps talked about the future of the club, and said, “I want to see Lions Unified continue to grow and make even more of an impact on our students. I love to see the new friendships and leadership skills I see as our students reach out to help others.  The unified basketball game is one of our best known events and I look for it to continue each year.” 

Lions Unified Coaches

Lions Unified announcers