SHS art teacher Carole Clodfelter with a student

Lights, camera, Perform! When it comes to the arts, Salem schools know how to put the spotlight on the students' works and let their talents shine!

On  March 2, from 6-8 p.m, Salem Schools visual and performing arts teachers are  putting on a show called “Night of the Arts” to highlight students in grades K-12. Each grade level will have its own part in the show. Choirs and bands from all three schools will perform at the Middle School in various locations throughout the building. There will be music and art all around for everyone to see.

Salem High School art teacher Carole Clodfelter’s art classes are looking forward to the upcoming event. Senior Lucas Bower said, “I want to be able to look at other people's art and take the time to love and appreciate it the way they do.” 

Senior Abby Martin said, “I would like people to look at my personal art and appreciate it as much as I do and I want them to see where I started and how far I have come.” She  also wants people to see just how important the arts are, not only to her, but to everyone around her. 

 Clodfelter said she is so excited for the seniors to be able to showcase their talents that they have been working on throughout the years. She added that she wants others to see the students' growth throughout the years, she also wants the younger generation to get interested in art and pursue it.

The elementary school art teacher Rita Roberts teaches grades third through fifth. The elementary will also have music to go along with their art. Roberts class will showcase the medieval times. When asked what she was most excited about, Roberts said students have learned a lot about the different artists in the medieval times such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and many more famous artists. The students in Roberts art class have made many art items related to this topic such as dragons, chalk art, puppets and more! 

“The art room is a busy and messy place to be!” said Roberts. She is excited for her students to have their artwork set out in a  public setting.

Mrs. Vanessa Read, who teaches art in grades kindergarten through second grade, will also have the artwork of her students featured at the event.

Middle school art teacher Gwen Dowling will be showcasing sixth through eighth grade art classwork. There will also be separate sections set up around the building with art club student projects. 

In Dowling's class the community will see the pop art side of art. The students in Dowling's class have learned a lot about the pop art movement and different artists featured in that style. Her classes will be presenting sculptures, portraits, color pop and more. Dowling said she is looking forward to the opportunity to show the community members how talented SMS students are.

“I want the community to see the love and passion these students have for the arts, and to help bring the light on just how important the arts are for our children,” she said.