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Superintendent's Office - FAQs

Superintendent’s Office- Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.  How do I know what school district I live in?

School districts are determined by the township in which you live: 

            Salem:  Gibson, Jefferson, Monroe, & Washington Townships

            East Washington:  Franklin, Jackson, Polk & Pierce Townships

            West Washington:  Brown, Howard, Madison, Posey & Vernon Townships


Q2.  When does school start?  What are the holidays?

2008-2009 School Year Calendar


Q3.  What are the schools’ addresses and phone numbers?

Salem Superintendent’s Office:  812-883-4437 (ph) 812-883-1031 (fax)

Salem High School:                        812-883-3904 (ph) 812-883-3905 (fax)

Salem Middle School:                     812-883-3808 (ph) 812-883-8049 (fax)

Bradie Shrum Upper:                      812-883-4376 (ph) 812-883-9118 (fax)

Bradie Shrum Lower:                      812-883-3700 (ph) 812-883-6892 (fax)


Q4.  What does my child need to get into school?

You need to bring your child’s birth certificate, immunization record, and custody papers (if applicable).


Q5.  How do I know what bus my child rides?

You may call the superintendent’s office (883-4437) to receive bus route information.

Q6.  Is there an after-school program?

Yes, The YMCA offers an after-school program at Bradie Shrum Elementary for grades K-6.  Please call 812-883-8495 for more information.


Q7.  Whom do I call for Calendar Questions?

You may call the school office or the Superintendent’s Office.  Also refer to the School and/or District Calendar on the website.


Q8.  What is the process for distributing flyers and other information at school sites?

All flyers/information needs to be approved by the Superintendent’s Office first.  Once approved, you may bring it to the building administrator and he/she will advise you on the best way to disseminate at the school site. 


Q9.  What is the Parent Complaint Process on issues pertaining to school employees?

Speak to your assistant principal or principal.  If the issue is still unresolved, you may call the Superintendent’s Office.

Q10.  Who handles problems at the school site pertaining to building use, air conditioning, heating, grounds?

Speak first to your assistant principal or principal.  The principal will inform contact the Superintendent’s Office


Q11.  How will I know if school is canceled due to inclement weather?

All school closings will be aired on the following local television and radio stations:

            WHAS, WAVE, WLKY, Fox 41, WSLM, WUME, & WMPI.  We will also post it on our website.


Q12.  What is the Indiana Department of Education Phone number?



Q13.  Whom do I call for Payroll Information?

Sue Collier – 812-883-4437


Q14.  What if I have other questions?

            Just call the Superintendent’s Office!  883-4437


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