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School Safety Update

Thank you to the Salem Police Department for their work on the investigation of a potential school safety concern.  There was no credible threat. Police have determined that the Salem Middle School student was responding to an inappropriate joke.  We commend the students for alerting administration and teachers of a possible safety concern, however; as the situation was discussed among students after school hours (in person and online), the facts of the case were distorted, altered, and misrepresented.  Additional untrue comments were rumored in connection with this incident.  Again, there is no credible threat. 

Reminder on School Delays/Cancellations
posted by L. Reed

Dear Parents, We are approaching the time of year when we have more chances for school delays or cancellations due to weather conditions.


Information about weather is gathered from many sources, including The National Weather Service, the news media and by actual inspection of roads throughout the district.  Weather conditions in surrounding districts are also gathered and are factored into our decisions.


Weather conditions or continuing impact from severe weather or other events such as a widespread power outage, may cause a delayed opening, early closing or cancellation for the day.  The most severe conditions within the district are used as the basis for the decision-making criteria. 


No one can make a delay or cancellation decision that will accommodate the road or air (fog) or schedule or travel or work situations related to the lives of all of our students and their families.  I sometimes receive calls from concerned parents on days they feel we should have cancelled.   Therefore, PARENTS remain the final decision-makers regarding travel safety for their individual students. Additionally, our large buses with skilled professional drivers are very safe and I would encourage our student drivers to park their cars and ride the bus on questionable days.



School Closing or Delayed Opening

For early morning decisions, parents and employees will be notified through our automated calling system.  The decision will also be forwarded to the news media.


Early Dismissal

Parents will be notified through our automated calling system.  The decision will also be forwarded to the new media.


Please ensure that you have made arrangements with and for your students for these fluctuations in school schedules that can occur during our winter months.


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