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Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary

August 5
First Day of School!

August 4
Grades 3-5 Orientation

August 3
Grades K-2 Orientation

July 30
SMS Parent Orientation

July 30

July 30
6th Grade Student Orientation and Tour

July 29
Lion Kick - off (Freshman Orientation)

July 29
6th Grade Student Orientation and Tour

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Breaking News

Senior Parent Information Sessions posted by Jennifer Martin

Information sessions for the parents of the Class of 2016!! 


2015-2016 School Picture Dates


Kindergarten, First & Second Grades:

Tuesday  September 29th


Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades:

Wednesday September 30th





New Instructions for using the Parent Portal are now available

Click here!


If you need your Parent ID/Password

or Student ID/Password,

just call the BSE office at 812-883-3700


September 22
Wonderlab (203,206)

September 23
Wonderlab (201,202,205)

September 24
Wonderlab (206/207)

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