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Breaking News

Yik Yak


Just to make you aware….Yik Yak has hit Salem, Indiana and is causing quite an uproar.  Some students have had it for months, but lately it has taken a negative turn.  Students are anonymous (although they can be traced with some effort).  I am encouraging all students to delete this app from their phones.  Please share this information with your friends (especially if they have teenagers/young adults).  Scott Ratts (Salem Police Department) has said this is one of the worst apps out there.  Yik Yak also has a high percentage of foreign men as members trying to “hook up” with young American teenagers (especially girls).  As is the case with some social media, people pretend to be someone they are not.  Our students do not need to be on this social networking site.  If you have questions, concerns, or additional information, please let me know.   Thanks. 



2014-15 1st 9 Weeks Honor Roll

December 2014 Athletic Calendar*

January 2015 Athletic Calendar*

*Subject to change

An Interesting Story

Recently a man from Noblesville, Indiana visited the Normandy American Cemetery in northern France where he randomly picked a Jewish soldier’s grave to honor the man by placing stones on the marker. (see photo)

When he returned home, he looked up the soldier’s name online and the website he found was created by Salem High School students in Honors U. S. History class in the spring of 2013. The man mentioned that he enjoyed the work SHS students had done and was pleased to be able to learn about Nathan F. Garnitz, who was just a name until he found the students’ research. Below is a link to the website.






Designing quality work for students and leading them to success


Guiding all Students to Success Where Failure is not an Option

   2014-2015 Course Description Book:







December 19
Boys Varsity Basketball Holiday Tourney at WW, 6:00 pm

December 20
Girls JV/V Basketball vs. Floyd Central, Home, 12:00 pm

December 20
Boys Varsity Basketball Holiday Tourney at WW, 6:00 pm

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