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2013-14 Indiana
School Accountability A-F Grades


Salem Community Schools




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 Indiana Department of Education 2013-2014  School and Corporation  Accountability Grades

 The Indiana State Board of Education        changed the labels  for school categories  based on student performance  from the  terms Exemplary, Commendable, Academic  Progress, Academic Watch and Academic  Probation to  easy-to-understand letter  grades (A, B, C, D and F).

 The new A-F labels improve transparency by  allowing  parents and community members  to better recognize  how well Indiana  schools are performing and leading  students to achieve positive academic  outcomes.

 Indiana's new A-F model holds schools and  corporations to higher standards and  provides a more  accurate picture of their  performance by incorporating  student  academic growth and graduation rates, as  well  as college and career readiness, as  measures of  success.


Links to additional Information

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